Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

"All the Claims and Praises were Right!"

Well, I have to admit that all of the claims and praises were right. Due to a hectic work schedule, it took me over a month to get into the dealership. Thanks to Paul Foster sending me occasional emails (without junk mailing me to death), I was kept up to date on the truck that I was looking at.. I finally made it to the dealership to test drive a compact pick up. I was pleased with it but noticed that there was a slightly older full size truck for a little less money. I asked to test drive it with very low expectations. However, once I stepped into the cab I knew the truck was just like new. A 2006 model with 14,000 miles. Where do these guys find these vehicles? Paul instantly knew that I liked this truck better. I had a limited amount of time so I asked him to run the numbers for both vehicles. Paul was not available the next day, so Ken Janish was chosen to help him out.. Paul said he would have Ken send me the estimates later that night via email. 

I left the dealership thinking that there is no way this was going to work out. I figured that Adventure wouldn t give me enough for my trade, and that the asking price would change. These have been common problems for me in the past at several other dealerships. When I got home and checked my email, the 2 estimates were waiting on me. And to my surprise they were really close to what I needed them to be. I called Ken the next day to let him know that I had a second trade and how much money I needed from it. He told me to bring it down and they would check it out. Again, I thought there was no way I would get what I wanted out of it. After about 5 minutes with the other trade, Ken came in and said no problem. I ended up with the exact price that I wanted with no pressure at all. This is exactly what they advertise. And more importantly, it is exactly what they delivered.

All of that being said, I would like to thank Paul and Ken for their help and patience with me. Ken stepped in seamlessly when Paul wasn t available and handled my deal perfectly. A seamless transition. Just like many others out there, I have been burned by dealers in the past and am reluctant to deal with car salesmen. But after less than 3 hours total at Adventure, I had a near new truck and was on my way. NO DEALER FEES! This should be a standard in the industry.

Thanks again for everything, Jason.

Jason Defore,Ringgold, GA

"Exceptional As Always! Entire Staff Delivers!"

As always, our experience was exceptional.  I had always dreaded the task of purchasing a new car until we started buying from Adventure.  Everyone from sales to service makes the entire process easy.  We don't feel like we have to be "on guard" to make sure we are not being taken advantage of.  It is nice and refreshing to walk in and be at ease with the whole process and feel confident that we are getting not only the best deal, but also the best treatment from the staff.  Over the past few years, we have purchased four vehicles from Adventure and because of the excellent staff, will remain loyal for our future purchases.  You have assembled a winning team that has earned our trust-and that speaks volumes and is rare in sales!   Ted is honest and goes the extra mile to be accommodating.  We have purchased vehicles from Garrett Beaver for years and he works hard find exactly what we need and want.  Brian Considine makes the "business" transaction the easiest we have ever experienced with no high-pressure tactics and we trust him to work on our behalf with banks to acquire the best available rates, etc.  Rocco, Ricky, and all the service team are top-notch and treat our vehicles as if they were their own.  We always recommend Adventure sales and service to all our friends and family.
I write this so you will know the value of your employees and the positive impact they have on your business.  Adventure would be just another "car dealership" without the winning team you have.  They should be commended.
Thanks again for another great "Adventure",

Andrea and Rick Courville,Cohutta, GA

"Researched, Purchased, and Delivered to TEXAS - all ONLINE!!"

I am so impressed with Edd Kirby's no-hassle dealership and those with whom I worked.  It was a pleasure to work with Roy Alvarran.  To buy a car online, sight unseen, was a big deal for me.  Roy was so pleasant and helpful, and the whole thing went with ease, even to working with Chevon, who was delightful and helpful in arranging the delivery of my car to my doorstep in Fort Worth, TX.  The car arrived on Saturday morning at 7:40 a.m.  I would not hesitate to do this again with this dealership in the future.

I love my Corvette,  It is more than I expected.  Needless to say, I am pleased with my online purchase.

Joanna Spurlock,Ft Worth, TX

"Traverse and Nelson get Rave Reviews!"

Sorry this took me some time to get back with you... I have to say I was very pleased so far with my purchase. I love my traverse. I was really really concerned about going from my Yukon to the traverse, but I have to say I am not regretting it one bit. My kids love the traverse as well, and I have to be honest, they are the main ones I have to make happy. We as a family are pleased.Nelson was my sales representative. He was GREAT!!! I never felt pressured by him. I felt like he was there to help me make the right decision for me if it was buying the car or not. I have told everyone about how great Nelson was and your dealership. I will definitely send people to your dealership and to Nelson.

Thank You.

Autumn Lester,Calhoun, GA

"Generally Stressful Process turned into Pleasant Experience!"

We were very pleased with our purchasing experience; agenerally stressful process (at other places).  It started with a preliminary comparisonshopping telephone call answered by Sales Consultant Michael Marquez (using thetelephone saved much time, gas, and weariness verses personally going to differentdealers).  He was very articulate, personable, and professional. Not havingthe exact vehicle on the lot, he assured me he would locate it.  He did ina timely manner.  On the phone he advised that Advernture did businessdifferent and I asked how.  He talked about how sales reps were paid a salaryrather than a commission, the 3 day return / 7 day exchange policy, and,what we particularly liked, the free oilchanges/ free tires for as long as you own the vehicle.  Given all this, plus theprice was competitive, we drove up that evening to leave a deposit for him tohave the car delivered from South Carolina.  There was a little break downwhen the vehicle was not delivered as quickly as stated, and I became hyperabout the process.  But Michael was very reassuring and calmed medown.  The car was delivered to Adventure, we drove to pick it up and were given an educational demonstration as to the various functions, did thefinancial part with Brian, which was a good, fast, streamlined experience.  Wewent to meet the Service Advisor, Caleb Phillips, and Michael explained what todo on our first service visit.  We noted how clean the shop area was andwas told about the work longivity of the service techs. AND, we liked"Matilda" (the Green Winged Macaw tropical bird), another good marketing tool!  AND, nice, cleanrestrooms, AND Michael offered beverage, AND Michael showed good training to addresshis elders as Mr. and Mrs., unless invited to do otherwise (so many youngpeople just call their elders by their first names without being invited to doso).

Linda and James McFry,Rome, GA

"Customer Service the way it Should be!"

I .. am glad to be a part ofthe Edd Kirby family again.

Ihave noted from many recent experiences (with other businesses that) Customer service has suffered tremendously. So manytimes we end up findingourselves on the phone with someone in another state and sometimes even in adifferent country. Customerservice at Edd Kirby's continues to be what I think it should be - straightforward and doing what you say you will dowhen you say you are going to do it. This was my experience with my salesman,Michael Marquez, service advisor and manager,Rocco Cotellese, and financing manager Brian Considine. Each of these gentlemenrepresented Edd Kirby's Adventure in a courteous andprofessional manner. It's a pleasure doing business with hometown folks again.

Thanks and MerryChristmas

 Robert Ingram


Robert Ingram,

"Saved on Financing too!"

I wanted to let you know what a great purchasing experience I had working with your team.  Donnie King from sales found the car that I wanted and was able to deliver it in a timely manner.  Brian Considine from finance also made the purchasing experience great by being able to find me a percentage rate below what other banks were offering.  Overall, your team is top notch.  Thank you for the work you do and how your organization treats your customers.  I will definitely recommend Adventure to others and will be back when I need another vehicle. 

Jeremy Stroop,

"Fourth Purchase from Edd Kirby's Adventure!"

This was the 4th vehicle we have bought at your dealership.  Donnie King  answered all our questions. One of the main  reasons we chose your delaership again is the attentive service dept.

Lisa Dunbar,

"Third Time's Charm!"

Adventure was the third Dalton dealership we shopped (my wife had also shopped Chattanooga). The aggravation level at the first two was extreme: 
I asked "What is the price you actually want for the car?" 
"I'll go to bat for you with the manager when you decide on a car."
How can I decide on a car when I don't know the price?
At one dealership when we showed interest in a particular car:
"Don't think too long, I can put this car on Autotrader and it will be gone by tomorrow morning". We left.
We were immediately comfortable at Adventure. We knew what the price of each car would be, we were not pressured, we were comfortable.
You guys may sell some more cars.

Larry and Betty Caylor,

"Treat others as you would like to be treated"

We had a very nice experience dealing with and buyingour vehicle from Edd Kirby's Adventure.  I had looked for the past 2 yearsdue to my dealings with the last place I bought from.  I had no intention of buying another vehicle untilmy car stopped dead in the street and wouldn't move an inch! As soon as Iwalked on your lot and met and talked with Nelson Hall I felt right athome and was treated the way I like to treat other people. I liked him from theword 'go' .... Mr. Hall is a greatsalesman and a nice man. .... I loved thefeeling of friendless while I was there. I thank you for your kindness and lookforward to telling people of your kindness and honesty.  Three people havebought cars from you this month alone in our neighborhood and I am sending alady your way this week. Good luck for your future and Have a blessed salesyear.

Wayne and Debbie Carter,

"Completely Different Experience (in a good way) than the local dealer"

Joe, I really wanted to do business with my local Chevrolet dealer. They have a great slogan: Since 1952 "Price sells cars and service keep customers". The guys I dealt with there last Monday either hadn't heard the slogan or didn't believe in it. Maybe they just didn't want to sell cars. My experience with your folks on Tuesday was completely different. I phoned to confirm that the cars I had seen on-line were still available and spoke to Ken Janish. When I made it over the mountain and to the dealership, he was courteous, helpful and professional. Your folks offered a fair price for my trade-in, and we were able to complete the deal and I was headed back over the mountain in just a couple of hours. It's worth the drive over the mountain to be treated fairly. I'll do it again.

R Donaldson Dawsonville, GA,

"Loyal Customer talks up Adventure at every opportunity!"

I would like to take the time to thank you for my Chevy. I really do enjoy it very much. My husband really loves his Colorado too. People continually ask me...where's the best place to get a vehicle? I say there's only one place to go - that's ADVENTURE. they say you're biased. I look at them and say you're darn right I am. Where else are you going to save money? Not only that, but the people are really friendly and go out of their way to help... It's always a pleasure to talk about ADVENTURE with people. Just the other day I was at work(Kmart) and the Pepsi rep was saying he wanted to buy a new Camaro. I sent him straight to your showroom.  he came back and told me how impressed he was.          THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THERE.       a loyal customer,  Mary Brown

M Brown,Kmart

"Yeah Right - I'll believe no pressure when I see no pressure!"

After watching a lot of the Adventure infomercials about no sales pressure, I thought, "Yeah Right. Maybe at first". But I said to myself I would give you a fair chance.  When we arrived on the lot this past Monday to look at the inside of a car we had looked at Sunday, Sales Rep. Nelson Hall came running out and greeted us before we were halfway across the lot.  He immediately unlocked the car for us and gave us all the time we wanted to look the car over - Very eager to let us take a test drive - Anywhere we wanted to go.  Within a short time he was able to get a printout of the final price.  Even though we were interested in only one car, NOT ONCE did he try to get us into a higher priced vehicle.  He let us decide.  We did buy the car we were looking at, a 2008 Kia Optima. We bought for one reason - the professionalism of Nelson Hall and absolutely NO sales pressure.  I was as comfortable when I left as when I arrived.  Overall, a very pleasant experience.  Everything went very quickly and smoothly.  If I need another vehicle in the future, yeah I'll be back.  Nice to do business with someone who does business in this manner.  Thanks Nelson.  When I need another vehicle, you have a repeat customer.  By the way we both love the car.  Even our mechanic said we got a lot of car for the money. 
And yes, tax and title is all that was added to the price.  No extra hidden fees at all.

H Pickett,

"Employees and Customers Agree Adventure is Family!"

I just wanted to say that even though I am an employee at Adventure, my wife and I were treated just like family and a regular customer. We purchased a 2009 Malibu for my wife and she absolutely loves it. This was our first brand new car and my fourth car we have purchased here. So thanks for all the help on our purchase. Thanks Ted and the rest of you guys.       CURTIS AND ANITA HALL  

Curtis Hall Dalton GA,

"We have a Hoosier Fan !"

I had an outstanding time during my short trip to the Adventure lot. I saw a vehicle for sale on Autotrader.com and had been in contact with Mike and Roy about the vehicle. I drove non-stop from Indiana, got the car inspected, bought the car and drove non-stop back to Indiana. I probably spent a grand total of about 30 minutes at your dealership between picking up keys and signing papers. It couldn't have been a smoother process. I spent most of the time admiring the birds, the train, and the bearskin on the wall. It is weird to think that during a vehicle purchase I was more focused on the decoration and not how I was getting screwed on the sales price, or trying to be sold on some insurance or vehicle product I didn't need. The Adventure team is different for sure, but in a great way. I wish more dealerships were like you. As an added bonus, the vehicle I bought was in even better condition than described, and included some great features that weren't advertised.. I'm spreading the good word here in Indiana and trying to send some more Hoosier business your way! Thanks for the great customer service, and the great car!
P.S. Please tell Mike and Roy I said thanks for the help too!

James Trulock Newburgh IN,

"Great Treatment - No Bull !"

Many thanks to Nelson Hall, for NOT giving us the fast paced, high pitched sales pitch that is riddled with BS that you get at  most other dealerships.  Also, thanks for having your vehicle prices clearly  marked and for treating us like human beings instead of credit scores or other  numbers  often used to place value on people.  We are plain old country people who had a few bumps in life that affected our credit rating. We pay our bills on time but illness made it necessary to file bankruptcy about four years ago.  We have come back from that but it is still on our record.  For the past several years, we have been basically through the wringer with creditors, dealerships, and the like.  It was a very pleasurable experience to get our new car with your dealership and we hope to continue with you guys for all our vehicle needs as well as to refer our friends to you

Thanks for you SERVICE   Lynn and Charles Stewart

Charles and Lynn Stewart Chatsworth,

"No Crazy Dealer Fees!"

We had a great purchase experience at Adventure Chevrolet Chrysler Jeep. I am very familiar with one-price dealerships and the fact that Adventure is one-price with no crazy dealer fees really caught my attention. Everyone we dealt with was very nice and professional and the whole experience could not have been any easier. Keep up the good work! We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Adventure to anyone.

T Spencer, Athens, GA,

"Treated like friends, not food!"

I just wanted to say that our salesperson was AWESOME. She was really down to earth and we could ask her any question. It didn't seem like we were $$$ to her.  We could really talk to her.  She listened to our concerns and really made us feel like we were talking to a friend.  We have never owned a Dodge before - she was GREAT !!!!
I really hope that I provide the same quality of customer service to my Windstream Major Accounts as she did to me and my family. We really appreciated her time and patience with us.

T. McCurdy,Windstream

"From Now On it's Adventure only!"

The car we recently purchased at Adventure is the second vehicle we have purchased at Adventure.  Adventure is the only dealership that we have ever used more than once and we will buy all our cars from you as long as you are in business.  The sales experience is low pressure and you have always tried and been successful at getting us the car we wanted.  Thank you for working so hard to have good quality cars available and make us proud owners of a new car.

J. Burner Rising Fawn, GA,

"soooo professional & kind"

I just want to tell you, we have had a lot of very badexperiences at a lot of car lots, until we walked in the door of yourestablishment, soooo professional everyone is so kind, and when we cameback to purchase the vehicle, nothing had changed; same price andpayments as they quoted, and that was really different from our pastexperience at other places. I can not express to you how professionalyour employees are, you really need to pat each and everyone at theDalton location on the back, I mean it, best car lot in Dalton GA, andwe will never do business with any other car lot. We bought a 2006Trail Blazer Saturday and I just can't describe how well we weretreated; unbelievable...that's the word that comes to mind, then Roccocalls to make sure were ok and let us know about his services. Howprofessional. You should lay your head down tonight in comfort knowingthat the boys in your Dalton location have got their stuff together. Ijust had to let you know. We worked with Rockey and Garrett. Soprofessional and honest, you don't see that anymore this day and time.Everyone is just out to get money, and I know that's the bottom line,but they made us feel like we were so important not just anotherpaycheck. So thank you Mr. Kirby for your wonderful establishment, andI hope you have a wonderful day. And please don't let this go bywithout letting your employees know just how awesome they are.Thank you - Tommy and Sheri Grigsby

Tommy/Sheri Grigsby,Rocky Face

"Truly NOT the Average Car Dealership!"

I had an exceptional purchase experience!  I cannot express how pleased my husband and I were with every aspect of our car buying experience.  You bent over backwards to find me the used car that I would be happy with. Ken did not just show me what was on the lot, but asked what I was really looking for, then did his best to find it.  I have never in my life had a car dealer go to the lengths that Ken and Donnie did to make sure that I was happy.  Even after I made the final decision, you could have sold me the car and sent me on my way, but you kept the car to go over it one more time to make sure that it was as perfect as a used car can be before I drove it home.  Everyone who has asked me about my new car has been told "The Adventure Story"  and I have recommended your dealership to everyone I know.  You truly are not the average car dealership!
PS - I recently brought the car back to Rick in Service.....  You took the car at its appointed time and kept me informed of its progress as I waited. That experience too, was exceptional

C. Popovich, Ooltewah, TN,Ambassadors-at-Large

"The Right Concept"

More than anything in my life, what I hate the most is buying a car and having to be at a dealership for my whole day(my only time off) trying to negotiate with a sales manager and the stupid endless offers and sales pitches. We drove almost 2 hours from Dawsonville on the idea we were going to buy a 2006 BMW but it was not at all what we expected due to the interior. We were just going to leave but then decided to look and see what else your lot had. KEN was awesome!! He is so laid back and showed us other sporty cars and bam! -  there was the Mustang. We took it for a quick spin and under no pressure decided to buy it right then and there. We appreciated the fact the price was what it is and that was that ~~NO Pressure~~ Ken answered all our questions and even though he was very busy, he made us feel comfortable as we waited for the paper signing, by checking in with us every so often to update us on the progress. Ken is by far #1 in customer service and deserves to be recognized for his special talent. Brian was also very laid back and we so enjoyed the fact that we were in and out of there in almost 2 hours. I applaud you for your concept!!!  We already have recommended you to all our friends. We also got a great deal on the car. Kudos to all of the staff that helped us with the transaction.
Thank You,

Glenn and Susan McGarey,

"Straighforward and No-Nonsense Approach"

I had a very positive experience and am very pleased with the vehicle purchased. The straightforward pricing on the used car and the no-nonsense approach to the valuation of my trade-in was much appreciated as was the courtesy and respect shown to me throughout the process. It is refreshing to feel that I was not being talked down to or patronized as a woman buyer.  Like it or not that is a flaw in much of the auto sales industry. Thanks to all those with whom I dealt in this purchase.

S. Ridley Chatsworth, GA,

"Purchase Experience and Follow up impresses knowledgeable buyer"

I came to Edd Kirby's Adventure Chevrolet because of local satisfied friends who trade there and because I wanted a Hybrid SUV.  I met Ken who made the whole process worthwhile.  First, he understood what I wanted and was willing to pay.  When that vehicle became available, he called me, let me try the car overnight, explained the Hybrid technology of the Tahoe Hybrid; went through everything new to me twice, gave me ways to contact him, introduced me around the office including the service department and overall was responsible for making the deal. I have had more follow-up from Adventure Chevrolet than any other dealer I have used in the past and appreciate that. I am very satisfied so far with my purchase and pricing.I have referred several people to Adventure and to Ken Jarnish and will continue to do so.

Robert W. Simmons, MD ,Dalton

"First Time Buying Jitters Disappear at Adventure!"

I just wanted to say that I had a wonderful first-time buying experience with Adventure Chevrolet.  I was intimidated by what I thought the car buying process was going to be, but I was pleasantly surprised by how simple it really was.  My mom found my car on your website, and worked closely with Donnie King to get the groundwork done, so most of the hard part was done by computer, fax, and phone.  when it came time to sign the papers, everything went quickly and smoothly.  I absolutely love my new car and hope to continue working with adventure chevrolet for all of my automobile needs in the future

A Young,

"Business Manager critiques Edd Kirby's business model"

Dear Joe, as I mentioned to Garrett I have been a business manager for most of my adult life, and have a good handle on how things are suppose to work.

Your business model is one that I think offers the greatest value for your customer. After seeing how your company handles sales and approaches pricing it is little wonder to me why Adventure is so successful.

I will definitely refer others to your dealership, and your business will be the first that I shop when I am ready to purchase another vehicle.
Sincerely Yours, Dave Anderson.

Dave Anderson,

"Handled everything from my cell phone!"

Roy and Donnie were great to work with on our deal, I was able to do business with them from the convenience of my mobile phone. I got the deal I wanted before I ever had to walk in the door. I was able to sign papers within a couple of hours and went home with the new ride. All this after one of those big dealers in Atlanta left me hanging for a week on a new purchase. Donnie and Roy made it easy for me to choose Adventure in the future.

S Roach,

"Just wanted to let you know how great your staff is!"

My Husband and I bought a Sebring a couple of weeks ago. I Just wantedto let you know how great your staff is there, and the way we've beentreated has been almost like family. It's been a joy to purchase a car,which I thought I would never say because it's usually turned out to besuch a nightmare. But we really appreciate the way you do business.Thanks so much.

The Graves,Hixon, TN

"Wonderful Service!"

I wanted to contact you and let you know HOW WONDERFUL THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT AT ADVENTURE IS!!!!!JJJ
My husband and I BOTH took our vehicles to Adventure today, Saturday January 24th, and I am very impressed with CALEBJJJ He is a gentleman!!! JJJ I sooooooo enjoyed being able to pull both vehicles into the garage, move my baby's carseat to the other vehicle (BOTH TIMES THERE), then pull out of the garage in the other vehicle, ALL WITHOUT GETTING OUT IN THE COLD OR RAIN!!!!! JJJ I appreciate the dedication to details such as this, because you do not receive this attention to detail everywhere.  I appreciate the promptness in which the parts for my Surburban were ordered and installed.  I also appreciate the scheduling, at the last minute, of service for my husband's Silverado for an oil change and tire rotation;  ALL ON A SATURDAY MORNING SO THAT IT FIT VERY NICELY INTO MY SCHEDULE!!!!! JJJ
I hope that you are aware of the promptness and the courtesy that the employees of Adventure put forth to customers.  JJJ
Thank you for the wonderful service of our vehicles.

Gail Peden,

"Saw your testimonials and I would like to add mine to the list! "

Saw your testimonials and I would like to add mine to the list! Ourfamily has bought 3 vehicles from your dealership and we love your nohassel no haggle way of doing business. You have always had the bestdeals from the minute you walk in the door, even after 2 days ofworking a deal with another dealer they were still higher than the dealyou had for us in the first 5 minutes of setting foot in your showroomfloor. Look forward to doing business with you in the near future.Thank you

The Kincaids,Ooltewah, TN

"Smooth as Silk!"

Everything went as smooth as silk.  Your salesman was outstanding and your dealership is top notch.  I look forward to doing business with you in the future and bringing my vehicle back for service there. 

R. Daniels Marietta GA,

"Easiest to deal with, anytime, anywhere!"

Hi Joe,
I hate buying cars, but...
A month and a half ago I worked with LaDale Howell on the purchase of a sweet little Mazda MX5 from your used car lot.  A great car and a great purchase experience.
Then last week you got an  07 BMW Z4 in from your Prebul purchases.....
Had to have it.  I came in on Monday, your folks gave me a fair deal on trading back my Mazda and what I considered to be a great deal on the Z4.
All in all I consider Edd Kirby Adventure to be the easiest dealership I have dealt with anytime, anywhere.  You make it easy, and having sales folks the quality of LaDale is the clincher.  Friendly, fair, trustable.  I ll point people to Adventure whenever the opportunity presents .

M. Norton Dalton GA,

"GREAT customer service!!"

We would like to commend your sales,service & warranty department. Beginning with our salesperson who went above & beyond to assist in purchasing our 2006 Chyrsler 300 (Aug. '07). Recently, we brought our car in for servicing, ran into our salesperson and he called us by name...that is true customer service. Kudos!!! Service dept.: Each time we brought our vehicle in for service "Rick" has gone out of his way to assist us. He kept us informed by giving us a call with updates or any delay in servicing. Thank you Rick for GREAT customer service!! Warranty we purchased from dealership: We recently had some problems with our air conditioning and lock/window issues and it was all covered under the warranty with a $50.00 deductible (without warranty $690.00) Wow...tremendous savings! We have purchased from other dealerships for years, but buying from Adventure Chevrolet was the best experience we have ever had! If we ever need to purchase a vehicle again, we would be happy to buy from Edd Kirby Adventure! We have told several friends/family about you! Thanks again,

Alvin & Beverly Carroll,Ringgold-Clarksville

"A wonderful experience at Adventure"

Dear Ted: My Dad and I had a wonderful experience at Adventure for anumber of reasons. We started shopping in April to feel the market outand check out the makes and models of the 2007 automobiles, as well as,the pricing. We had made it clear at each dealership that we would notbe ready to buy until June. We got the impression we were wasting theirtime since we weren't ready to buy that day. We met with oursalesperson the first week of May. They took the time to show us theChrysler Sebring and discussed pricing, style and told us when we wereready to buy just give her a call. They checked in with us by phoneevery few weeks, sent us e mails and made us feel like we were family.We have yet to get a call from any of the other dealerships in ourarea. When we finally were ready to take the plunge, my dad happened tosee one of your ads on a Chrysler 300 at a reasonable price so we camedown but our sales person was tied up with another customer and anotherassociate was quite helpful until our salesperson was free. We reallyfelt at home dealing with both associates and your finance manager whowent over all the paperwork when we were finally ready to sign on thedotted line for the Chrysler 300. We had never been to Edd KirbyAdventure, but you can rest assured we will be repeat customers. Wehave already talked to several of our friends and business associatesabout doing business with your dealership. We don't know why anyonewould go anywhere else. Thank you, Peggy HaysJohn Goodwin PS: Tell Hank we are still waiting on that steak dinner -we will let him slide on the free gas for life.

The Hays,Chattanooga, TN

"Down Home atmosphere is friendly and unintimidating"

Dear Joe Kirby,
I had a wonderful experience with Adventure. Everyone was so friendly and "down home." I told my sister that I loved the rustic atmosphere and I did not feel intimidated there like at most dealerships. My salesman was Garett Beaver and he is simply super. He was recommended to me by my niece and she was right about him. My husband and I will certainly tell other people about Adventure and urge them to look there when they are in the market for a car. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

B Hudson,Dalton

"so professional and nice"

Hello. I recently visited your Dalton, GA location and I was helped bya new salesperson. We had spoken on the phone many timessince Monday, March 26th. I am looking for a newer model truck and shesaid that she could help me. She told me up front,when I had questions,that she was fairly new to the dealership but would find the answersfor me. Since this is my third purchase, I had a lot. Veronica was so professional and nice. She found the right answers to my questions andreturned my phone calls promptly. We sat up an appointment for todayand I went to see the trucks. I had done research the night before onthe inventory and found a few in stock I was interested in. She showedmy every single one I had specified, answered my questions, even let mesee multiple cars more than once. She was very clear on my conditionsand requirements. Even when I was not able to get a car today, sheshowed interest in my business and told me clearly what I needed tobring with me in a few weeks when I come back. She might be new, butshe is truly an asset to the company and the dealership. She fit rightin with the atmosphere. When I went in I was greeted by multiple peopleand the environment was warm and friendly. I never felt rushed orhaggled. Even when I found I that I needed to meet a few morerequirements, I still felt respected and that my business was trulywanted. Veronica and the rest of the staff at Edd Kirby's Adventure inDalton are wonderful. I will certainly be back and I will recommend myfriends and family to that dealership!! Thank you for your commitmentto service,R.C.

R.C. ,Rocky Face

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the service you provide at your dealership"

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the service youprovide at your dealership. I had been to three other places and hadcalled about five different one's and no one seemed willing to help meonce they found out I was just shopping and wasn't looking to make apurchase for at least 3 to 4 weeks. I happened to come to your web siteand found a 2007 Aspen that you had and I put in to get a quote. I wascontacted the next day by one of your salespeople. When I found out howmuch it was I told them it was out of my price range and she asked mewhat price range I was looking for and what kind of extras did I haveto have. They called me back in 2 days to let me know they had foundone for me that they thought I would love. I made an appointment to golook at it all the while she knew I might not be getting it. When Ishowed up my salesperson immediately handed me the keys so I could takeit to my mechanic when I returned I told her I wanted to look at thenumbers and see if this car would work for me. They did an amazing jobgetting me the car and payments that I wanted. I wish more people inthis field were like them. My salesperson never tried to push anythingon me and was just as happy trying to help me look for what I wanted aswhen I decided to purchase it. I will definitely because a returningcustomer, and let other people know what a pleasure it is to dobusiness with your dealership.

M Love,Rocky Face

"I would definitely recommend Edd Kirby's Adventure for your future buying requirements."

My salesman really went the extra mile to complete the saleof my vehicle. He accommodated me in my requests for allowing/sendingadditional pictures and answering all my numerous questions honestly. Iwas purchasing this vehicle from 900 miles away and relying on picturesand his honesty. He is the most honest car salesman I've ever runacross. Even though a used vehicle, he made sure I was completely happyand the vehicle was ready to make this journey with me. His patience isoutstanding! Sincere thanks also to Edd Kirby's Adventure for allowinghim to make it happen. I would definitely recommend Doug & EddKirby's Adventure for your future buying requirements.

The Holcomb's,Ducanville, TX

"Keep up the great work!"

My husband and I were traveling from Florida to Michigan pulling alarge concession trailer when we had engine trouble. It was a Saturdayand we had gone to two other Chevy dealers for help. One was notwilling to help us out and sent us to the next one that was closed.Someone else sent us to your dealership. Caleb Phillips diagnosed ourproblem right away and brought our van right in. He told us that youhad just started staying open later so they would be able to fix usright up. Long story short, we were driving away within a couple hoursand able to make it home in time to go to work Monday. In what couldhave been a disaster for us, everything went along smoothly and wedidn't need to spend two nights in a hotel and miss work waiting forMonday. Thanks to Caleb and all of your staff who were all veryfriendly and gracious. They really made us feel like we were special.Keep up the great work!

Ken and Angie Sutton,

"Very pleased with the service we received at Edd Kirby Adventure Chevrolet in Dalton GA."

To whom it may concern,Terry Bowen and I (Patricia Johnson) were very pleased with the servicewe received at Edd Kirby Adventure Chevrolet in Dalton GA. Garrett wasour salesman and he did a wonderful job. We gave him one hour to makeus his best deal. We had three appointments on June 6th at differentdealerships around town and had planned on giving them all an hour tomake us the best deal possible and Garrett won us over. We never madeit to any other dealership that day. We bought a new 2008 HHR SS fromyou and I am loving it. Our experience was wonderful and I willrecommend family and friends to you every chance I get. You guys aregreat. Keep up the great work??..

The Johnson's,Chattanooga

"Hundreds lower than any other price we received!"

We were on the lot for 3 minutes and found that every price we saw was hundreds lower than any other price we received.

B Davis, Lafayette

"Best Deal Around!"

Getting the deal I was quoted and getting Free Tires and Oil Changes is the best deal around.

c. Pierson,

"Great Deal!"

Free oil changes should save me about $700 and free tires will save at least a thousand more- thats a great deal.

S. Coleman,Rocky Face

"The only thing better than the sales experience is the service experience!"

ALL of my purchases at Kirby have always been great.  I will tell you this however; the main reason I always come back to Adventure is Ricky Patton.  In all the years my wife and I have been coming there, the service department is why we keep coming back.  There are any number of reputable dealers close by, but Ricky works for you, so that s were we come to buy our cars.  The sales people are great, as is the pricing structure.  Donnie King was a champ!  We trust Ricky and the service staff to take care of our purchases.  As long as you continue to run such an outstanding company we will be loyal customers. I never miss an opportunity to sing praises about your dealership and especially the service department.

G Edwards,Dalton

"A wonderful buying experience at Adventure"

Ted,I just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful buying experience at Adventure.I am enjoying my Malibu very much and I appreciate how I was treated likefamily from the very beginning to driving off the lot in my new Chevrolet.My credit application was handle promptly and effectively to get mefinanced. Nelson was very helpful in understanding my needs and I wasgiven several options and choices of vehicles to choose from. I hadvisited three other dealerships before Adventure and found just what I waslooking for here for selection, service and satisfaction.Thanks again.

J. Hall,Dalton

"Bought 4 cars at Edd Kirby."

I have bought 4 cars at Edd Kirby. I bring my friends, relatives andtell people at work about how you get treated. I know the prices on thewindows are real.

R Pittman,Dalton

"Singing the praise of one employee"

Hi,I am singing the praise of one of your employees. I have been meaning to write, and explain how I believe that one of your employees shines above the rest.Caleb has had the tough endeavor of listening to my every complaint, worry, and problem in regards to my newly purchased Aveo. He has always had extreme patience, kindness, and concern for the issues. He has never left any of my concerns go unattended, and has went above and beyond his job to make sure I was satisfied with the work done on my car. He has double checked, and re-double checked just so I felt at ease with the service. I feel like he is genuinely concerned with the service I receive at Adventure. I believe this makes him a valuable employee. He feels like a friend to me!!Thanks,Christy Ware


"Body Shop and Service Dept do Awesome Job!"


The Ridleys,

"What an awesome guy!!!"

Dear Ted,I had a great experience purchasing my daughter's 2007 Jeep Liberty.Garrett Beaver was a pleasure to work with. What an awesome guy!!! Hewas so helpful and answered all my questions. He made everything soeasy. I have purchased many cars in the past; however, this time wasthe BEST!!! All the guys and gals there are all such wonderful peopleto work with. I appreciate how well I was treated. Again, thank you somuch!!!!

G. Tucker,Dalton

"Service Dept was Courteous and Professional"

I had an appointment in the service department this past Saturday and Iwas extremely pleased at the wonderful service I received. My service adviser was courteous and professional and he was able to do the necessarywork for the recall and get my vehicle the routine service it needed ina little over an hour. The service department was extremely busy thatmorning and Johnny managed to be pleasant and keep a smile on his facewhile reassuring me that he would see what he could do to get myvehicle out as soon as possible. I appreciate outstanding service likethis where the customer is actually made to feel as though theirbusiness is important which is rare in today's society.Thanks once again for the great service!

K. Pierce,

"Easiest buying experience ever - period!"

The easiest buying experience I ever had - period. No hassle and Edd Kirby beat the best deal I had by $600.

C Ware,Dalton

"The Three Day Money Back Guarantee is for Real!"

We came down Saturday and bought the Saturn then we got on craigs list Sunday and we found the Chevy Uplander and my husband said he wished that he knew about it he would have gotten it (instead) so I called Garret Monday and asked him if the 3 day money back guarantee was good and he said "yes". I asked him if we could bring back the Saturn back and pay the difference and he said yes so we came back down there and we brought the Uplander home with us and we realy do love it i would advise anybody if they need a car, truck, or suv to please go to Edd Kirby in Dalton GA. They will treat you right. Thank you

R Overby,Dalton

"Information, not Pressure!"

We had great service from Garrett and from Andy. They were personable, but not pushy and I think they gave us the right information to get the right car. We have just had a mechanic inspect the car and he confirmed the good value. Thank you for your service.

J Hall,Lookout Mtn, GA

"Diligent, Courteous, and Professional"

It took us awhile to decide on the truck to purchase. Every time I called Ken and left a message he followed up with me. Every search he did for us resulted in a call back with all the specs on the vehicle. He was always courteous and professional.Thanks


"Great Purchasing Experience"

I had a really good purchasing experience at Adventure last week. Roy
really helped me out by finding the right vehicle for me and answering
every question I had, and if he didn't know the answer he found someone
who did. I also liked the fact that he called me after the purchase and
kept in touch. I have told everyone I know that has seen my new truck
where I got it and will refer them to Roy.

A. Luna,

"Truly an Exceptional Experience"

Thank you for welcoming me as a new customer.  The purchase of my 2009 Acadia SLT from Edd Kirby's Adventure was truly an exceptional experience thanks to your salesman Nelson Hall.   Nelson was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to answer all of my questions to make sure my experience was a positive one.

L. Smith Rocky Face, GA,

"Easiest Auto Purchase of my Life!"

Easiest auto purchase in my life. I watched the car I wanted in your used car lot. It came to a point that I liked the price as much as the car. Ladale made the rest easy. No hard sell, just supported me through my decision. He gave me time to get a feel for the car which cleared the way for me to buy. I like the company's approach and I appreciate the way I was dealt with by Ladale. I'll recommend Edd Kirby's Adventure to anyone who will listen.

M. Norton Dalton, GA,

"Fabulous Sales Experience and Value!"

My salesman was fabulous.
He took the time to show me all of the special features that my new Suzuki
has to offer. I got a lot of car for the money. Thank you for a great deal.

P. Lawson,

"Painless and Worry Free!"

I recently purchased a Dodge Nitro from Donnie King.  He was very helpful and made the purchase painless and worry free.  I also enjoyed working with Bryan in financing.  Your dealership is one I will recommend to all my friends and family.  Thank you so much!

D Reynolds Fairmount, GA,YTB Director

"Absolutely Love It!"

I loved my whole experience at Adventure. Garret Beavers is a phenomenal sales person! I would like to thank you for putting me into my new car. I absolutely love it.

M. Flood,

"Matilda is Good to Customer!"

Our time at Adventure was very good and Mr. Beaver was so helpful.  As a matter of fact everyone was very good to us, even the BIRD (Matilda the Green Winged Macaw).  I know we will enjoy our new car and I will be able to put a wheel chair on the back.  Again thanks for everything. God Bless

Mr. and Mrs Bowden,

"Parents hear about children's experience and buy too!"

We just want to say that Garret Beaver made the car shopping experience very pleasant. After all that he did for us we referred my parents to him who ended up buying a vehicle from Adventure as well. Thank you so much for making a big decision very easy and welcoming to us and our family.

S. Beavers Dalton,

"8th Vehicle Purchase at Adventure!"

I would like to thank everyone at Adventure for the excellent work they did to get me the Jeep I wanted. I have wanted a Jeep since I was a kid (many years ago). I bought my first vehicle at Edd Kirby's Adventure when I was 17. At the time it was a choice between a Jeep and a Camaro. I chose the 1986 Camaro.  The feeling of buying a 2009 Jeep today is just as exciting as buying the 1986 Camaro was then. This is my 8th vehicle from you guys and I just want to say THANKS!!!! 

I came in one Saturday morning to purchase a Suzuki Grand Vitara, and while discussing it with Donnie King I called my wife and told her the deal we had agreed upon. While talking to her, I told her about a Jeep I had seen on the lot and to my surprise she told me that if I could get a good deal on it and if she could see it before I bought it that I could get it. Well...4 hours later we were taking the Jeep home. I felt the same way as I did 24 years ago. It wasn't that I needed a Jeep or had to have it. It was simply that I wanted it! And I want to thank Donnie for all the hard work he did, he was really great in answering all our questions about the vehicle and going above and beyond his expectations. Thanks again Donnie, Adventure Chevrolet and my wife! By the way, we love the Jeep. It drives GREAT and it is lots of fun riding with the top down. Jeeps have come a long way since the 80's. We can't believe how well they handle and how smooth they drive. I actually compared it to our Tahoe!

Phillip Cox,

"All's well that ends well!"

We visited your dealership with no intention of purchasing a car.  We were bored on a Saturday and dropped in just to look.  When we saw the Tahoe we wanted, we spoke to one of your sales personnel.  He took our licenses and trade in information and we did not see him again for an hour and a half.  My baby was crying and hungry and we were tired and upset, as we had seen two other couples go in and out of the sales personnel's office while we were waiting.  We asked the general manager for our identification and keys with the impression that we would never be back.  He was very gracious and asked us to please return after eating and assured us that we would be helped immediately. 

When we reluctantly dropped backed by we met Ken.  He was fantastic.  He helped us find the 2009 Tahoe that we wanted at a price we could afford, and we were out of there within an hour.  He was very helpful with paperwork and explaining our new vehicle, and we couldn't be happier.  So happy, in fact, that we returned two days later and purchased a new Silverado for my husband.  (From Ken, of course). 
Thanks so much to Ken for his help and friendly attitude.  We really appreciate being treated with courtesy, and we will recommend him and your dealership to our friends.

C Weeks Calhoun GA,

"Genuinely Nice "

Well, we did have a good experience with our purchase of a Buick Century.  Nelson Hall was genuinely nice to us and showed respect even before he realized we were a done deal.  It took only a few minutes before we felt like people spending hard earned money instead of a meal ticket.  The car is high quality and the followup exceptional.  Keep that attitude and my friends will find you eventually.  Thanks.

Milton and Louise Southerland Chatsworth GA,

"Excellent Service Experience"

I am writing to tell about the excellent service experience we enjoyed at Edd Kirby's Adventure Chrysler in Dalton, GA on April 11, 2009. On our way back from Florida to Indiana, the check engine light came on in our 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the transmission began jerking. We exited at Dalton and pulled in to the dealership at 9:30 Saturday Morning with No appointment we explained our problem along with our need to get back on the road quickly. The service Department started on the Jeep within a short period of time and after installing a transmission sensor our vehicle worked perfectly.
We feel very fortunate to have found such a knowledgeable and courteous dealership to service our Jeep in our time of need. We were back on the road before noon and very thankful to the service people who helped us.

Michael Burris Terre Haute, IN,

"Talking us up and sending his friends!"

My wife and I had a wonderful experience!!  Garrett was great to work with.  He didn't pressure us and simply gave us all the info we asked for and any other info that might help us with our decision.  I have done nothing but talk to all of my friends and co-workers about how great our experience there was.  Actually, a co-worker of mine is coming to the dealership this Saturday to inquire about purchasing a vehicle as well.  The cars and the prices were great, but Garrett really made the difference!!

S. Lamkin Chattanooga, TN,

"No Constantly Changing Prices!!"

We felt that the price of the car we bought and the trade-in we received for our car was very fair. There was no bartering or price changing which we liked. We didn't buy an extended warranty but we were offered several different options. Very friendly staff too.
We could truly recommend your business to anyone. We feel that they would get the same courteous service that we received.

The Olivers Niota TN,